Cyberport and Amazon Web Service Educate Cloud Career Pathways Competition 2020

Principal, Mr. Chan, presented the ˇ§Top School Achiever Awardˇ¨ to S6D Chan Chun Hin and Wong Man Chun.

Mr. CHIANG Ping-lam was the representative of his students Chun-hin and Man-chun to collect the ˇ§Top School Achiever Awardˇ¨.

Chinese Version

Date: 10 October 2020

Participants: CHAN Chun-hin (S6D) and WONG Man-chun (S6D)

Cyberport and Amazon Web Services (AWS) organized the Cyberport and AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways Programme Competition 2020 collaboratively. The Programme provides complimentary online learning for university and secondary school students to help them gain fundamental knowledge in cloud computing technology. It also encourages them to start a career in coveted technology sectors such as big data analysis, software development, machine learning, and cloud architecture. It aims to cultivate Hong Kongˇ¦s cloud technology talent of the future.

CHAN Chun-hin (S6D) and WONG Man-chun (S6D) have been awarded the ˇ§Top School Achiever Awardˇ¨ in the Cyberport and AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathway Competition 2020. Their exemplary performance is the key to success for Queen Elizabeth School to achieve the ˇ§Top 1 Secondary School Awardˇ¨. Their superb achievement is regarded as a milestone for our school. We hope their talented computer skills will help Chun-hin and Man-chun gain huge success in the future and become the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Michael Dell. Congratulations!