Faraday Challenge Day 2019

We are programming and testing our smart cycling device with Microbit board and Make Code.

Our ideas are appreciated by the judges and we have won “Second Place”.



(Chinese Version)

Date: 27 May 2019
Venue: Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin campus)
Organiser: The Institute of Engineering and Technology (UK)
Students: LAM Hung-yuk (S2A), LUK Yik-hei and PONG Wai-yiu (S2C)
Award: Second Place

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(Written by LUK Yik-hei)
I am very pleased that my teammates and I have been nominated to participate in the Faraday Challenge Day 2019 (FCD 2019). In the competition, we need to design and create a smart device to improve the driving experience of the cycling riders. This competition has really benefited us a lot. During the process, besides learning the programming skills, we also understand how to use innovative thinking, how to enter the driver's identity, to think about their needs, such as the safety of using bicycles, and to solve problems with existing scientific knowledge, etc. We also learnt how to use different ways to enhance our working efficiency. I wish to have more opportunities to participate in technology-related competitions.

(Written by LAM hung-yuk)
The Faraday Challenge Day 2019 (FCD 2019) was so exciting and challenging! When we arrived at the venue, I found that there were about 20 teams, and in most of the other teams there were 5 to 6 members, but in ours only 3! That meant we needed to contribute double the effort to complete the tasks. I was nervous and worried. However, Ms. LEUNG encouraged us and inspired us a lot. I didn’t want to give up easily, so I did my best in my roles; creating a PowerPoint presentation and script, being the treasurer to control the cost of our device and continuing to design the device with CAD software. After 4 hours of hard work, we finally finished. The Microbit programmes, the design of the device and creative ideas contributed by us were highly appreciated by the judges. When they announced that we came “Second” we were very excited and felt happy. I hope I can join more similar competitions as I know I can do it!