Wofoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme

Jasper KOO and his teammates are giving a team pitch about their proposal.

Jasper KOO is explaining the main theme of his proposal – “Plastic Ware”

Our team is awarded the Merit Prize in the competition.



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Date: October 2018 – March 2019
Organiser: Wofoo Social Enterprises Limited, the Warehourse Teenage Club
Students: KOO Lok-yin, Jasper (S5B), LIU Tsz-ying (S5C), WONG Suet-ying (S5B), WONG Wing-yiu (S5B)
Award: Merit Prize

Four of our S5 students participated in the Wofoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme which was co-organised by the Wofoo Social Enterprises Limited and the Warehouse Teenage Club.

During the competition, our team was assigned an experienced mentor from Rotary Club of Harmony and Prosperity Hong Kong to provide professional advice and guidance in the preparation of the business proposal.

With the theme “Revitalisation of Historic Building”, students were required to propose an innovative and viable revitalization plan for the heritage revitalization place – The Warehouse Teenage Club (Former Aberdeen Police Station which is a Grade II Historic Building).

A site visit to the Warehouse Teenage Club was organised on 8 December 2018 and a half-day workshop was held on 12 January 2019 to teach students how to write a business proposal. All our students that attended the workshop reflected that the workshop helped them understand more about the skills on writing a business proposal.

After researching on and analyzing the historical value of the place as well as interviewing residents and shop owners in the Aberdeen community, our students began to write a business plan for the place. The revitalization plan required the students to gain awareness of social issue and corporate social responsibility through proposing a product that could cater to the current social needs and circumstances, which can in turn benefit and contribute to sustaining development of our society.

Our students finally proposed to collaborate with a recycling centre in the community and use plastic bottles collected from the centre to manufacture a series of trendy products to alert the public on the plastic pollution. They were required to conduct a team pitch at the final.

The proposal impressed the judges and the workers in the “Warehouse”. Our students finally won the Merit Award. After the ceremony, a worker from the “Warehouse” approached our students and invited them to investigate the feasibility on the execution of their proposals on site.

Our students thought that this was a valuable opportunity for them to interact with real businesspeople from different companies and organisations. It was also a very encouraging participatory process for the students since their proposal might have a chance becoming a real business model.