Astronomy Club


Joy in looking and comprehending is nature”¦s most beautiful gift. ”VAlbert Einstei

Under the stars

The shoreline under the majastic sunset

(Chinese Version)

Date: Mid-May
Venue: Sai Kung Tsam Chuk Wan school camp

In mid-May 2018, the Astronomy Club co-organized a large-scaled two-day Astronomy Camp with our Camp Warden Association, aiming to enhance students”¦ interest in stargazing and promote a fruitful life in the school camp.

The activity was held in Sai Kung Tsam Chuk Wan school camp. Our Astronomy Club Committee first organized an astronomy lecture to share different astronomical knowledge like stargazing, recording and filming skills. All participants also gathered at the outdoor campsite to observe the beautiful stars and sunrise respectively. The camping activity wowed not only the students with the vastness of the universe, but they realized the insignificance of humanity in our vast universe as well. They learnt a lot in the activity with enhanced interest in the field of Astronomy.