QES X VTC STEM Workshop (Robotic Car and Drone Workshops)


We have learnt a lot in the workshop, and look forward to participating in STEM activities again

Collaboration is an important element in this learning activity

Programming is a great challenge

Kingston gives instructions to S1 students

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Date: 26-27 March 2018
Venue: Queen Elizabeth School

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Our students IP King-hei, Kingston (S3B) and YIU Wing-cheung, Sam (S3B) joined the 3D2N STEM Summer Camp in August 2017, which was organized by VTC STEM Education Centre (Tsing Yi Campus). In the Summer Camp, they attended fruitful programmes, such as visiting the Microsoft Hong Kong Office. They simulated cabin driving in Maritime Service Training Centre, explored the structure, programming and virtual reality workshops in the VTC STEM Education Centre. After the training camp, Kingston and Sam found STEM to be a very interesting topic and would like to share their learning experience with our junior students.

Towards the end of March 2018, QES and VTC STEM Education Centre co-organized a Robotic Car and Drone Control Workshop in QES for S1 & S2 students as they were interested in technology and engineering and were keen to get a hands-on experience. In the workshop, Kingston and Sam gave instructions and demonstrated the working steps to guide S1 & S2 students. Students designed, constructed and wrote programmes to control their robotic car and drone to complete several complicated tasks.

Through team-building activities, S1 & S2 students were able to complete the tasks in small groups. They learnt the efficient way to write an Arduino programme in order to control the movement of a robotic car, and learnt how to write a simple app to control the drone as well. By engaging in various activities, they enjoyed what STEM programmes can offer. All of them agreed that they have gained a lot of new knowledge from this learning activity and are looking forward to exploring more in different workshops.