Kowloon Region Outstanding Students Selection

(Chinese Version)

Our Students, YIM Yuen-yan and SHENG Yung-ai, have been awarded the Top 10 Outstanding Students in the 9th Kowloon Region Outstanding Students Selection

Date: 05 November 2017

4D Sheng Yung Ai

It was surprisingly amazing for me to be elected as the ¡§Top 10 Outstanding Students¡¨ in the Ninth Kowloon Region Outstanding Students Election! The significant support from our principal and teachers is of utmost importance. Without their recognition and nomination, I would never have become the awardee of this election.

Recalling the moment of the first round of interview, I was extraordinarily anxious that I doubted whether I deserve the nomination. Fortunately, the interview turned out to be a relaxing sharing with the judges and all other applicants. We shared our precise points of view sincerely from different perspectives and discussed the social impacts of newly-implemented policies. I wondered all applicants were independent, talented and willing to take the initiatives to contribute to the community. Therefore, what I got from this election was not only the interview experience, but also a brand new sight of society.

This valuable experience offered me a chance to reevaluate my goal and the way I aim to reach it. I believe that one should be confident with himself and not limit his dream. When we dream big, we make a huge contribution. As one the ¡§Top 10 Outstanding Students¡¨, I want to make a difference in Hong Kong as well as in the globe. For now, I will keep on preparing myself, making remarkable improvements so that I can serve the world one day.


Date: 05 November 2017

6D Yim Yuen Yan

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Yuen, our principal, and my teachers, for their recognition to me. This achievement could not have been attained without their support and encouragement!

I cannot believe that I have been selected as the ¡§Top 10 Outstanding Students¡¨ in the 9th Kowloon Region Outstanding Students Selection! When I was informed of the nomination by Mr. Yuen, I could not believe my ears as I was still not sure if I really deserved this honor. Though I have taken some leading roles in school, such as the school prefect, I was still not sure whether my performance in academic development, sports and arts, and social services could be seen as ¡§Outstanding¡¨. Yet, with the support of Mr. Yuen and my teachers, I am able to discover my potential and develop my talents through this selection.


To make a change is never an easy task. What is more, it is demanding for us to make a change in the world we are living in. As a secondary school student, we bear the responsibility not only to learn, but to understand and serve the society. It is immature for us to insist on adopting an onlooker¡¦s attitude towards the conflicts and problems in the community. Through various intriguing programs in the selection, including interviews, discussions with peers from other secondary schools, as well as an exchange tour to Foshan, I began to build a comprehensive view and have an in-depth introspection towards society. Very often, we may assume certain things, targets or dreams in our life to be impossible, and let them go without putting effort into them. However, after exchanging ideas with other outstanding participants, I understand that as long as there are commitment and cooperation within a team, we can gear up the challenges that lie ahead.

Last but not least, I want to take this opportunity to share with the principal, teachers as well as schoolmates the pleasure and honor of receiving this award. I will try my best to prepare myself to serve and motivate others, as well as to explore the fantastic world with lofty goals and targets.