The 8th Distinguished Student Leaders Election

Chinese Version

Date: 19 December 2022

CHUNG Wai-yan(S5A) ZHANG Yan-yi(S5A) CHENG Chun-ki(S5A)

Congratulations to S.5A CHUNG Wai-yan for being awarded the ¡§Distinguished Student Leader¡¨ award in the 8th Distinguished Student Leaders Election. Furthermore, congratulations to S.5A ZHANG Yan-yi and S.5A CHENG Chun-ki for being awarded the ¡§Distinguished Student¡¨ award. The selection committee received more than 120 nominations from various school principals this year. After rounds of highly competitive interviews, 45 distinguished students were invited to participate in a series of leadership training and experiential learning programme. The ceremony invited Ms. Rita FAN HSU Lai-tai GBM, GBS, CBE, JP to be the guest of honors to present the prizes. Congratulations to all winners again.