Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award 2021-2022


Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award 2021-2022 participants

Participants :
Chung Ren Jie (S4A)
Hui Ho Lam (S4A)
Hui Pok Shing (S4A)
Tang Yuk Kwong (S4C)
Cheng Yuk Ming (S5A)
Lam Hung Yuk (S5D)
Liu Man Hin (S5D)
Wong Yat Nam (S5D)

Award: The Best School Award

Secondary 4 & 5 students with a decent understanding of biology represented the school to participate in the Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award 2021-2022. The results of the competition are rewarding. 4A Hui Pok Shing and Hui Ho Lam attained first-class honors while 5A Cheng Yuk Ming, 5D Lam Hung Yuk, Liu Man Hin and Wong Yat Nam achieved second-class honors. Due to their extraordinary performance, our school was awarded The Best School Award.

The competition aims to stimulate students' active interest in biology, challenge and expand their talents, enhance their scientific literacy, and widen students' exposure to cutting-edge biological knowledge and innovation.

It was an educational experience. Participating students gained better insights into different branches of Biology, such as scientific inquiry, nature of science, STEM education, etc. They broaden their horizons and their biological knowledge is enriched. They also found out their weaknesses and learned ways to improve.