S3 Outdoor Learning Day - Ping Shan Heritage Trail









Venue: Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Date: 11 Nov 2021

Written by WONG CHUN MING (S3C-32)

Ping Shan Heritage Trail is a heritage trail located in Yuen Long District. It passes through the villages of Hang Tau Tsuen, Hang Mei Tsuen and Sheung Cheung Wai and it includes several declared monuments and graded buildings. A trail visitors centre was opened in Old Ping Shan Police Station later to convene the visitors. The trail includes 14 historical buildings, including Hung Shing Temple, Old well, and most famously, Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda.

We are honoured to visit one of the most historical heritage trails in Hong Kong. In our opinion, the architectural skills of the buildings are old and classic but full of ancient wisdom. While we were visiting the old well, an old man, who is an indigenous inhabitant, came along and explained why the well was hexagonal. He said that it was aimed to prevent the people from bumping into each other when getting water from the well, as they could stand on each angle of the hexagon. His words shocked us and we all admire the intelligence of the indigenous inhabitants. Unlike the stereotype of old men as people with no humour, he used a funny tone to talk to and entertained us. We should show our respect to different cultures and try to understand them more. Traditional culture always contains its heritage which is worth learning. They are gifts left by the ancestors. We should study the differences of different cultures to enrich ourselves.? All in all, we learnt a lot on this outdoor learning day.