CUHK Health Exhibition Presentation Competition


Date: 30 Oct 2021 & 7 Nov 2021

Participants: Chan Hei Man (S4A), Zhang Yan Yi (S4A), Cheng Chun Ki (S4A), Feng Hau Yuen (S4A), Tong Wing Shuen (S4D)
Organizing Body: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Award: CUHK Health Exhibition Presentation Competition ˇV Champion

Five S.4 biology students participated in the CUHK Health Exhibition Presentation Competition. Throughout the whole competition, QES students were required to finish a research based on the central theme ˇ§musculoskeletal system disordersˇ¨. After doing the research, they progressed through the three rounds of the competition, namely the Screening Round, Preliminary Round, and Grand Final Round. The performance of QES students was outstanding and they got the champion. Later in the joint show held in the shopping mall, students gave their best shot to showcase the research results using interactive drama. Through this captivating and creative performance, it is hoped that public awareness towards musculoskeletal health can be raised.