Build Your Career - Youth Start-up Programme


Date: 26 February 2021 ˇV 12 September 2021

Participants: LEUNG Sze-wan ˇV team leader (S5B), LI Lam-lam, NG Yuet-hei (S5A), FAN Tsz-lam, LEUNG Yi-wing (S5B), LIU Wing-sze, NGAI Tin-lam Audrey (S5C), AU Yi-yan Stephanie and CHAN Tsz-wan (S5D)

Po Leung Kuk Life Planning & Financial Education Centre organized the Build Your Career - Youth Start-up Programme for secondary school students in 2021. The progrmme provided training courses, workshops and visits for students to learn how to start their own businesses. Through the workshops and the courses, students not only learn how to run a business, they could also have a real chance to sell their products in a flea market which was held on 11 and 12 September in MCP Discovery. All the products sold in the flea market were designed by the students. Our students were awarded the ˇ§Best Promotion Awardˇ¨ because of their fabulous marketing strategies and the large number of IG followers.