Hong Kong Tech Challenge - VEX IQ Robotics Challenge 2020

PONG Wai-yiu (S4C), LAU Yuen-fan (S4D) and LUK Yik-hei (S4D) participated in VEX IQ Robotic Challenge

The Team awarded Merit Award and Design Award

The Competition day


Date: 25 April and 8 May 2021

Venue: Hong Kong Science Park, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Participants: PONG Wai-yiu (S4C), LAU Yuen-fan (S4D) and LUK Yik-hei (S4D)

Organizer: Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation (Phase 2) (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Awards: Design Award, Merit Award

Students PONG Wai-yiu (S4C), LAU Yuen-fan (S4D) and LUK Yik-hei (S4D), participated in the VEX IQ Robotics Challenge 2020. Funded by Northrop Gumman Foundation, this open-ended competition aims to provide opportunities for students to participate from across the globe. In the challenge, students engage in STEM programs that are fun, hands-on, affordable and sustainable. They also increase their technical abilities and develop skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and communication needed in the 21st century workforce. Through the process of researching, design, modification and construction, our students successfully presented their solutions to the challenging problems in design and technology. Their application of their knowledge, problem solving skills and creativity helped them to accomplish their mission. The studentsˇ¦ hard work finally paid off when they were presented with both the Design Award and Merit Award.