STEM Fun Day 2021

Chinese Version

DateˇJ14 April 2021
Participants: S2 and S3 students
Venue: S2 Home rooms and School Hall

On 14 April, students in S2 and S3 participated in a hands-on inquiry STEM activity. An exciting and memorable afternoon was had by all.
Students in S2 were given the chance to compete in the ˇ§Egg Drop Challengeˇ¨. To develop their critical thinking and analytical skills, they were given limited resources to create an apparatus that would permit an egg to survive from a certain height. The students, therefore, needed to think critically and improvise strategies during the building of their apparatus. Not only were their apparatuses creative and supportive, but they also protected the eggs from breaking.
In the ˇ§Spaghetti Tower Challengeˇ¨, students in S3 worked in groups to construct the tallest possible free-standing structure. To accomplish this task, they were given very fine sticks of spaghetti and marshmallows. While the challenge seemed easy enough, students needed to build a structure that could sustain compression and tension forces. In doing so, they had to apply their knowledge and make effective use of the given materials. They also needed to learn how to work together and quickly within a given time frame.

Indeed, these challenges inspired the students to develop their innovation, collaboration and problem-solving skills. Having accomplished their mission, the students expressed their eagerness about participating in STEM activities again!