ˇ§WATER ECO-LAB ON-THE-GO @ communityˇ¨ Mobile Learning Program

Students in the virtual ecosystem

Chinese Version

Date: 27 October 2020

On 27 October, students undertaking S.5 Biology stepped outside the classroom and joined the ˇ§WATER ECO-LAB ON-THE-GO @ communityˇ¨ ˇV a mobile learning program organized by Green Power and the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Through this program, the students developed an understanding of the biodiversity of water gathering grounds in Hong Kong. They learnt the importance of a stable ecosystem in preserving water quality for safe drinking. Moreover, the students developed an increased awareness of the environmental conservation concerned.

The virtual ecosystem set up in QES cover playground

The nagashi somen model simulates the process of rainwater collected from valleys and rivers to ponds