Hong Kong Outstanding Student Election 2017-2018


WONG Kwan-mei (S5A) and SHENG Yung-ai (S4D) are the top 20 outstanding students.

(Chinese Version)


Date: 19 May 2018
Students: WONG Kwan-mei (S5A), SHENG Yung-ai (S4D)

Written by: SHENG Yung-ai (S4D)

This year, I was honoured to be nominated in the Hong Kong Outstanding Student Election and become one of the Top 20 Outstanding Student. This election has garnered wide-spread recognition because students nominated by schools have to go through a written test, a three-day assessment camp and a final interview. Students to be elected are enthusiastic about both learning and community services. I think the most challenging event was the three-day assessment camp. Candidates were divided into 5 groups. Group members had to cooperate with each other and complete all tasks in the camp. For instance, we were required to use the chosen ingredients to cook dinner for the whole group within the time limit. I vividly remember that how nervous my group was but it turned out we cooked a delicious meal!

Throughout the competition, I have broadened my horizons and earned invaluable friendship. Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Principal YUEN and teachers who have been supporting me as always.