Ningbo Study Tour


A group photo of the study tour

Our students prepare souvenirs for their new friends


(Chinese Version)

Date: 28-31 March 2018
Venue: Ningbo

Written by: CHAN Sui-yi (S5A), WONG Kwan-mei (S5A), YUNG Yuen-ting (S5B)

The main objective of this tour is to interact with students in Ningbo, so we went to Zhejiang Ningbo High School. The school environment was very pleasant and there were various facilities. These have given rise to a suitable learning environment for students. Apart from providing high quality education for students, the school has its historical value. It has been seeing the changes of China since a hundred years ago. During lessons, we all had a clear impression of how engaged and active the students were. We also had a fresh experience of learning in Zhejiang Ningbo High School. One thing that had to be mentioned is that students there were both academically outstanding and talented. With the help of teachers and the support of the school, they had a few great achievements in innovation and technology. We were amazed by the products designed by the students, such as the sound control locks. Besides visiting Zhejiang Ningbo High School, we also went to some scenic spots of Ningbo and Hangzhou, including the Old Bund of Ningbo with Western architecture, Nantang Old Street selling local snacks, the Temple of King Asoka with a long history, the Tianyi Pavilion with cultural ambience, the Ningbo Museum showing the historical relics and the West Lake with well-known beautiful scenery.? Visiting these places gave us the chance to know more about the history, culture and art of Ningbo and Hangzhou, which was a great lesson.