Hong Kong Flower Show V Secondary School Potted Plant Growing/Nursing Cup


The Gardening Club Committee attends the prize-giving ceremony

(Chinese Version)

Date: 17 March 2018
Venue: Victoria Park
Students: Gardening Club Committee

LEUNG Choi-wing Jennifer (S4A)

Our gardening club committee has joined the Hong Kong Flower Show Secondary School Potted Plant Nursing Competition, organized by Leisure and Cultural Services Department. This competition comprised of fifteen sections and we took part in the twelfth section which is Secondary School Potted Plant Growing/Nursing Cup. Two S4 students have planted hanging basket plants and the rest of us have planted succulent plants. Cheerfully, we were awarded the champion and merit prize respectively.

We initially participated in this competition due to our hobby. In order to nurse the plants, we have spent a lot of time on them. We had to irrigate the plants every day and fertilize them at a specific time. It was actually quite toilsome to plant them. Nonetheless, we have learnt many farming techniques and it trained our patience during this period. We were really honored to be awarded and this confirmed our effort.