Belilios Public School X True Light Girls' College X QES Student Exchange Programme


School Principal takes photo with all the participants

(Chinese Version)

Date: 6-8 February 2018
Venue: Belilios Public School/ True Light Girls' College/ Queen Elizabeth School

Students: S.3 students Au Pui Chi, Gigi (S3A)

After this exchange programme with True Light Girls College (TLGC), I have made more new friends and broadened my horizons.

As I am not a very outgoing person, I do not have many friends in other schools and I know very little about other schools. After the exchange, I am surprised to know that TLGC is very different from QES. For example, students in TLGC are not allowed to go out for lunch.
This exchange programme was fun, interesting and educational. I have greater confidence in communicating with strangers and I have become more outgoing. Most of all, the friendship between my buddy, Jenny, the other exchange students from TLGC and I has developed a lot during these few days. On the first day, we were too shy to speak to each other but on the third day, we were so close that my buddy and I even exchanged our school uniforms to take photos.
When the programme ended, we felt very sad. However, it did not mark the end of our friendship. Instead, it was just the beginning. I will still keep in touch with them and I am looking forward to our next meeting in the future.