Teen Time ¡V RTHK Radio


Four S.6 students were on air in the radio programme ¡¥Teen Time¡¦ of RTHK Radio 3 on 25 January 2018

Date: 25th January, 2018
Venue: RTHK

On 25th January, 2018, 4 of our top S.6 students were on air in the radio programme Teen Time of RTHK Radio 3, sharing their views on the movie Dunkirk. This episode can be heard on the internet again through the following two links:



They all enjoyed very much the experience.

HO Pak-hei Patricia (S.6D):
When we were invited to participate in this radio programme, I was extremely thrilled as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Knowing that every comment I made would be on air was definitely nerve-wrecking. Fortunately, the amiable host Ms. Alyson HAU guided us through the process, allowing me to speak my mind in a more relaxed manner. It is a precious experience that I will cherish forever.

CHEN Mingqian Owen (S.6D):
On 18th December, 2017, I had my very first experience of making a recording for a radio show - RTHK¡¦s Teen Time, to share my views about the Hollywood blockbuster Dunkirk. This experience was unlike anything that I had tried before. 3 classmates and I shared with the audience what we had learned from this thought-provoking work and inspirations that we had brought home after the movie. While I was speaking into the microphone, I couldn¡¦t help but think about what people would think while listening to my voice at the other end of the radio transmission. I enjoyed the feeling of speaking to the world and having people listen to my voice and ponder upon my perspectives. I am incredibly thankful for having this opportunity to challenge myself and try something absolutely new.

WONG Yiu-lun Dragon (S.6D):
On 18th December, 2017, I participated in the recording of the radio show Teen Time of RTHK Radio 3. The experience was a delightful one; never had I been a speaker on the radio! As a complete novice in a radio show, my body was filled with adrenaline. I was glad to have this friendly host of the show Ms. Alyson HAU who made me feel natural and relaxed. During the recording, we had constructive discussions on the recent film masterpiece Dunkirk. From the filming tactics to a broader look into the nature of war, our reflections prompted my interest in further engaging in the world of English.

YEUNG Yat-long Jeffrey (S.6D):
"A little bit nervous and a little bit scared" was how I described my feelings to Ms. Alyson HAU, the host of the radio programme Teen Time, as I entered the studio with my 3 classmates. But soon I was not nervous or scared at all. The studio was tidy and cozy, unlike what I had expected. Ms. HAU introduced herself, her show and the equipment to us with exceptional hospitality and friendliness. She made our conversation casual and light-hearted. Though my classmates and I had prepared for the recording session with extraordinary seriousness, we threw all our scripts and notes away and spoke our minds in the end. Instead of a well-orchestrated discussion, we delivered a natural conversation.