Mainland Exchange Programme for Junior Secondary and Upper Primary Students 2017/2018 - Development and Technology in Dongguan


Students take a photo in front of the sculpture ¡§the beginning of life¡¨

The museum docent explains how the water we drink comes from Dongjiang to Hong Kong

Students enjoy traditional Chinese cuisines

Songshan Lake is a lively wetland and a modern technology park

Students visit Dongguan Exhibition Center and know more about the history, and the cultural, economic and technological development in Dongguan

(Chinese Version)

Date: 20-21 December 2017
Venue: Dongguan

Studnet: 2C YAU Lo-tak

This is an eye-opening experience and I wouldn¡¦t have traded it for anything. I always thought China is only a place full of factories, copying others¡¦ products and has no innovations of its own. After this trip, I have seen how far China has progressed. There are still some room for improvements, but talent and creativity are booming and some have already borne fruit. A nation¡¦s strength is in its people. In such an age as this, creativity is often the most prized nurture of all. With the education and support of creativity that we have now, the future looks bright for the country.