Astronomy Camp


Our Big Brother, Prof. CHU Ming-chung, teaches students astronomy

Students learn a lot in the astronomy camp

(Chinese Version)

Date: 15-16 December 2017
Venue: Sai Kung Tsam Chuk Wan school camp

In mid-December 2017, Astronomy Club co-organized a large-scaled two-day Astronomy Camp with our Camp Warden Association, aiming to enhance studentsˇ¦ interest in stargazing and life in school camp.

The activity was held in Sai Kung Tsam Chuk Wan school camp. Professor Chu Ming-chung, our alumnus who is currently a Professor of Physics Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, held an astronomy lecture for his fellow young brothers and sisters. Afterwards, all participants gathered at the outdoor environment of the school camp in the evening to enjoy the beautiful scene of the Great Moon.

In addition to learning different kinds of skills on stargazing, recording and filming, our students had also learned that Astronomy is very closely connected with the knowledge of Physics and Mathematics. Through the camping activities, the students could realise not only the vastness of the universe, but also the insignificance of humanity in our vast universe