Environmental Study Tour to Perth

Perth here we come!

Feeding an adorable kangaroo in Caversham Wildlife Reserve

Date: 1 to 8 July 2017
Destination: Perth, Australia
By LEE Yee-lam

On 1st July, we started our 8-day tour of the environmental studies in Perth, Australia. Before I went to the trip, I had never heard of Perth. Sydney and Melbourne are bustling cities. Perth, which still has tall buildings and its central business district, shows more of its close relationship between citizens and the nature.

We have visited a lot of scenic spots in Perth and Kalbarri. I was totally amazed by the natural scenery. The most memorable places I went to during the trip were the national parks- Nambung National Park and Kalbarri National Park. In Nambung National Park, we had learned what pinnacles are and how they are formed. We also got the chance to visit the pinnacles site. It was interesting to see a desert-like area with a lot of pinnacles lying in the middle of the big forest.

When we arrived at Kalbarri National Park, it was already near to sunset. We could see different forms of rocks on the cliff. Besides the cliff, we could see the boundless sea. Kalbarri Park is already the most western part of Australia. We were very lucky to have a chance to be in the Kalbarri Park and see the sun set. The scenery was really spectacular. We also came across a lot of wild animals during the trip.
The beauty of Western Australia never fails to amaze us!

We have also visited the recycling centre in Balcatta. We found that not only papers, plastic, aluminium cans and glass can be recycled, but also furniture, building materials and even bicycles. The recycling centre receives unwanted furniture and other recyclable materials which are in good condition every week and sells them to the needy at a relatively low price. We have seen a lot of materials which still were in good condition being thrown away and sold in the centre. It is such a waste to throw things away not because they are broken. Instead, we throw them away just because we want to buy a new one and a more beautiful and fashionable one. We should really think twice before we buy a new product, about whether it is necessary to buy new ones and their practical values. I hope Hong Kong will also have this kind of recycling centre later and Hong Kong government can provide more support to the environmental groups.

Last but not least, it was worth getting away from Hong Kong and visiting Australia. We have learnt a lot in the trip and I admire what Australians do to protect the environment and how they have a balance between conservation and development. I enjoyed the trip very much. If I have a chance in the future, I will definitely visit Australia again!

The gorgeous Kalbarri National Park

The spectacular view in the Pinnacles