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2023/09/19 (Annual General Meeting cum Election Forum)
2023/09/23 (Election Day)
2023/10/20 (The 25th Student Union Inauguration Ceremony)

Venue: School Hall, Geography Room

The 25th Student Union Annual General Meeting cum Election Forum was successfully held on 19th September 2023 in the School Hall. The meeting commenced with the annual report of the 24th Student Union Executive Committee, Aster. Following that, the Election Forum took place, where the presidents of all proposed cabinets were invited to deliver their speeches. ZHOU Ka Chun (S.5D, Solis), CHAN Yat-tung (S.5A, Veritas), and LI Chak Nga (S.5D, Aequitas) presented introductory speeches about their cabinet members and election platforms. The student audience actively raised questions and concerns during the Floor Question Session. The cabinets then engaged in a Cross-Examination Session, exchanging ideas about each other's platforms, and concluded the Election Forum with summarizing speeches.

On 26th September 2023, Cabinet 2, Veritas, secured more than 50% of the valid votes (506 votes out of 702 votes) and emerged as the winner after the first round of voting. The 25th Student Union Executive Committee, Veritas, has assumed office on 20th October 2023. Congratulations to Veritas, and we eagerly anticipate their future endeavors and achievements.

QES 25th Student Union Executive Committee V Veritas

President 5A F CHAN YAT TUNG
Internal Vice President 5C CHAN CHEUK WANG
External Vice President 5A ɫG WONG MAN LEONG WINSTON
Financial Secretary 5B Ӽֺ TAM LOK YIU
Internal Secretary 4D KWAN WING SUM
Internal Secretary 5A ¿[ YAN KING YIU
Internal Secretary 4B L|L LAM CHUNG KIU
External Secretary 4B 箦E LEUNG YAN HO
External Secretary 4D x崸 HUNG HIU CHING
External Secretary 4A J֯ WU SZE MING
Publicity Secretary 4C PH CHAU YEE HANG
Publicity Secretary 4C \a CHUNG PUI KWAN
Welfare Secretary 5A \E HUI TSZ HUNG
Welfare Secretary 5A ùq LAW KING HEI