Toastmaste - Youth Leadership Program


A group photo at the kick-off of the program on 11 November 2017

S.1 Students are eager to rock the stage too!

Everyone has learnt a lot in the six sessions.

Date: November ˇV December 2017

Student: LAI Hin-ting 2B (30)

ˇ§To join, or not to join?ˇ¨
I hesitated when I received the parentsˇ¦ letter regarding the Toastmasters program. Not because I didnˇ¦t know about the program (I actually took part in it last year), but participating means waking up early every Saturday. After some struggles, I eventually decided to give it a go again!

Throughout the six meetings in November and December 2017, different guest instructors taught us skills such as body language and vocal variety. There is no doubt that it was a good opportunity for students to learn more about speech delivery and conquer stage fright. This is indeed very useful for our future, as during many occasions we may need to talk in front of people like doing presentations in class or being the master of ceremony for certain events. Moreover, taking up different roles such as Sergeant At Arms, Chairman and Table Topics Master in each session enhances our responsibility and develops our leadership potential.

All in all, it is definitely a worth-while experience to join the Toastmasters program and it is my pleasure to be a mentor to guide the S.1 students through their first speech training adventure.