¡§Know AIDS No AIDS¡¨


Our students are talking with the Masters of Ceremony

Our students are rewarded the Creative Award

(Chinese Version)

Date: From July to October 2017
Venue: QES campus

5A Chow Hiu Ying

The programme ¡§Know AIDS No AIDS ¡¨ organised by The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong and Red Ribbon Centre Department of Health was held from August till October 2017. 7 students from QES attended a 16-hour lecture including a speech about a person who was diagnosed with AIDS and a condom making workshop to enrich our knowledge of how AIDS is infected and how AIDS can be prevented among people to clear students¡¦ misunderstanding towards this issue. Moreover, we were required to design activities for our schoolmates in order to foster their understanding of AIDS and reduce discrimination in society.
Thanks to all of our schoolmates for their participation and our groupmates¡¦ efforts, we are honoured to be rewarded the Creative Award in the ceremony held on 18th November 2017.