Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition

Winners attended the prize-giving ceremony on 30 June 2017



Date: 30 June 2017
Organizer: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Best School Award
16 Medals and 38 High Distinctions

Our school took part in the ˇ§Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competitionˇ¨ organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with the aim to promote studentsˇ¦ interests in Mathematics and Science subjects. 57 S5 students participated in the competition on 30 April and 1 May and the results are overwhelming. Our school, reaping the greatest number of medalists among all participating schools, won the ˇ§Best School Awardˇ¨. With studentsˇ¦ unremitting engagement, 16 Medals are awarded to 13 students in total, with 2 Biology, 7 Mathematics and 7 Physics Medals respectively. Further 38 High Distinctions are awarded to students in the four subjects.