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Outstanding Student Leaders Award (organized by Hok Yau Club)

Outstanding Student Leader 5D YIM Yuen Yan
傑出中學生領袖 5D 嚴婉茵

Date: 27 May, 2017
Organizer: Hok Yau Club
Student: Yim Yuen Yan, Mandy

This year I was nominated for the Outstanding Student Leaders Award organized by Hok Yau Club and was awarded one of the top 10 “Outstanding Student Leaders”. This competition was indeed a valuable opportunity for me to get a holistic view and deep insights of today’s society, as well as to make new friends from other secondary schools.
The competition was divided into several stages. In the first stage, I had to pass three interviews which consisted of individual speeches, group discussions and problem-solving sessions. The 30 shortlisted candidates then participated in workshops and a social experiment campaign, which lasted for three months. Lastly, the final 10 awardees were selected in the final interview in early May.
The competition was in the form of an election. Although election often gives us an impression of fierce comparisons between competitors, this election with the slogan “More than you think” provided me with a platform to explore Hong Kong with peers through various ways such as on-the-spot investigations, camping, and workshops. My social view has been broadened and my critical thinking skills have improved a lot after these intriguing activities! Moreover, other finalists and I were often given chances to have in-depth discussions on leadership skills as well as our expectations of Hong Kong’s future. Although we come from different schools, have different backgrounds and may hold different values, it was surprising that we never had any disputes. I indeed gained a lot of inspirations there!
Besides, the social experiment campaign was undoubtedly the most unforgettable and challenging experience in this competition. In this campaign, we were allowed to create our own plan and work it out in three months with resources provided by Hok Yau Club. This campaign aimed at making a change to our society and we had come up with a multitude of ideas. In the end, we chose “Cantonese” to be our theme because we decided to investigate the local culture of Hong Kong. Through interviews, online promotions and displays of images highlighting features of Cantonese, we successfully raised public awareness of the value of the language. We also received support and positive feedback from the public. On top of that, I had a deep introspection on myself and the society, like the reasons of frequent social conflicts and the social responsibilities of a secondary school student.
Here I wish everyone of us could equip ourselves and serve the others with our strengths and the social resources, and finally become an outstanding leader!