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Trip to Beijing


Juyong Pass, Great Wall of China

Palace Museum

Beijing No.5 High School

Beijing No.5 High School and QES Students


Date: 19 - 22 April 2017
Venue: China, Beijing
By: Leung Tsz Man (S4A)

During the trip in Beijing, we visited the Summer Palace ([M), Marco Polo Bridge (c), the Great Wall of China and the Imperial Palace. Thanks to the information provided by our tour guide, I learnt the history behind each of the historical sites. With a deeper understandings of these historical sites, I felt the visit more informative and rewarding.

The two most unforgettable experiences in the trip are visiting the secondary school in Beijing and waking up at 3am to attend the flag-raising ceremony at the Tiananmen Square. I remember that teachers and students in the secondary school welcomed us enthusiastically. Moreover, there were quite a lot of differences between Hong Kong students and Beijing students. The uniform of the Beijing students are quite casual. They can put on any socks or shoes they want to go to school. Beijing students are devoted to learning. They are eager to answer questions. Although the curriculum in the secondary school was different from ours, I still enjoyed a lot when having lessons in that school.

Last but not least, I am thankful for what the tour guide taught me (not only did he teach me the history of China, but also the principles based on the Chinese spirit of life) and my school for giving me a chance to travel to Beijing. Its really a wonderful experience!