Faraday Challenge Day 2017

The winners of Faraday Challenge Day 2017 各得獎同學賽後合照

Team members present their design ideas to the Judges. 各組員向評判匯報他們的設計意念

Students were producing our signal transmitter model. 同學們專注地製作信息編碼器

Date: 13 May 2017

Venue: Queen Elizabeth School

(S.1C) Fong Ho Fung, Chan Chun Ho, Ho Man Ting, Cheng Cheuk Lam, Lam Cho Wing, Yan Pak To
(S.1D) Kan Chun Lok, Sheng Yung Hui, Yu Hon Lam, Yeung Yuen Hei, Wong Chi Yik

By: Fong Ho Fung, Thomas (S.1C)

On 13 May, 2017, “Faraday Challenge Day 2017”, which was organized by Institute of Engineering and Technology and co-organized by QES was held in our school. We had a wonderful experience and learned to work with each other.
During the challenge, we were assigned a mission, which was to design a signals transmitter to send emergency messages to seek help. We used our “Faraday Tokens” (a kind of money) to purchase the materials such as light bulbs, wires, sensors etc. to produce our signal transmitter model. With our knowledg in STEM, we designed the model and realized our ideas. For example, we used “closed circuit” to create light signals (Science knowledge), we calculated the minimum cost and produce the financial report (Mathematics knowledge), we chose appropriate material and used different hand tools (Technology and Engineering knowledge) during the process.

After working hard for a few hours, we presented our model to the judges. During the test, we divided ourselves into two groups, one group should send encoded messages, and another group should try to decode correctly. We were extremely excited but we completed all the missions smoothly.

Finally, we got the Championship. Our team members are very happy, not just because we won the challenge but we have learned a lot to be an engineer. If there is any competition and activity about design & technology in the future, all of us would like to join again.

Prize Winners:


Merit Prize

Fong Ho Fung (S.1C)

Kan Chun Lok (S.1D)

Chan Chun Ho (S.1C)

Wong Chi Yik (S.1D)

Ho Man Ting (S.1C)

Sheng Yung Hui (S.1D)

Cheng Cheuk Lam (S.1C)

Yeung Yuen Hei (S.1D)

Lam Cho Wing (S.1C)

Yu Hon Lam (S.1D)

Yan Pak To (S.1C)