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True Light Girls' College X QES Student Exchange Programme

Finally, I met my "twin sister" in TLGS

Date: 16-17, 20 February 2017
Venue: True Light Girlsˇ¦ College
Participants: S3 students
By: Lee Tsz Ying (3A)

The three-day exchange programme has provided me a golden opportunity to broaden my horizons, explore different school cultures and make new friends.
I would like to start by describing the True Light Girlsˇ¦ College (TLGC) campus: it seems to be a bit small, but I was totally amazed when my buddies showed me around. It houses a gym, tennis court and even a chapel that hosts lots of facilities.
I was also impressed by the enthusiasm and friendliness of students in TLGC, as well as their positive learning atmosphere. They are very eager to share their interesting stories with me and learn about QES. This extraordinary learning experience will never be forgotten, and our friendship will definitely last long.