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Taiwan Study Tour

Our school mates were having a hands-on experience on sorting waste at Tsu Chi Environmental Protection Education Station. We were learning about the environmental protection work in Taiwan.

Date: 17 - 21 December 2016
Venue: Taiwan
Participants: S4-5 students
By: Liu Yuen Yu (4D)

From 17 to 21 December 2016, 9 of our schoolmates and our teacher, Mr. Chau, together with students from other Hong Kong government secondary schools, travelled to Taiwan. Besides visiting the universities and night markets in Taiwan, we have also been to the some museums and parks. Experiencing things that cannot be taught in the classroom, we have learnt a lot from Taiwan cultures. Our horizons were broadened in just a few days.

On the fourth day of the journey, we went to the Ten Drum Culture Village, which is a historical site in Tainan. The staff taught us how to play the drums and some technical terms in describing the melody of a song. By beating different parts of the drum, various sounds were produced. We immersed ourselves in the loud echoes and drumbeats. The tour guides then took us to watch a show performed by the Ten Drum Art Percussion Group. Although the performance was mainly played by the drums, we were not bored and remained attentive during the whole show. The performers cooperated perfectly and made the show a feast for our ears. All of us were yelling ¡§Encore!¡¨ at the end of the show.

Before leaving Taiwan, the tour guide took us to the Pier-2 Art Center, which was originally an abandoned warehouse site. Some local artists strived and turned the site into an art center. The center is a combination of a park and an exhibition. Local and foreign tourists enjoyed visiting the center during the holiday. There are series of exhibitions of artworks in the park, one of which is an upside-down building. It is interesting and attractive. By taking photos, we kept our memorial moment. It was a relaxing ending of our trip.

We all agreed that Hong Kong should learn from Taiwan for her cultural preservation. Hong Kongers lead a life of hustle and bustle. We focus on economic growth and Hong Kong is becoming a cultural desert. Meanwhile, Taiwan government promotes local cultures and spreads her unique cultures to different parts of the world. Artists and musicians are full of passion. The Taiwan government encourages cultural and creative development, like art and music. Hong Kong, in order to be recognized as a cultural center, should take Taiwan as a role model by organizing more exchange programmes.