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Homantin Government Secondary School (HGSS) and Queen Elizabeth School exchange programme

A class photo taken with all QES exchange students and some students in HGSS

Date: 22-23 November 2016

Venue: HGSS
Participants: S4 students
By: Wu Tsz Hong (4A)

On 22 and 23 November, I had an extraordinary experience at Homantin Government Secondary School (HGSS). On the first day, the environment was totally new to me. However, my caring buddy had done a great job by showing me around the campus and introducing all the details about HGSS to me, which allowed me to actively engage myself into the lessons and activities there. I especially enjoyed the harmonious learning environment among the teachers and students. This definitely facilitates studentsˇ¦ learning process. Besides, we participated in one of the most popular events among the students of the school throughout the academic year - the annual Christmas concert. I could really feel their enthusiasm towards the concert and all the QES students supported our buddies on stage wholeheartedly. I always think that the Christmas concert provides a brilliant platform and precious chance for students to show their talents and enhance their all-round development. Last but not least, what made my exchange experience unique was that I met again many of my old friends from the primary school. They all made me feel intimate like a family. This programme not only provided me a chance to exchange experience and knowledge, but also enabled me to make new friends and to reunite with old friends.