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2016 孔聖盃學界數學奧林匹克公開賽

Prize Winners of 2016 孔聖盃學界數學奧林匹克公開賽

Date: 10 July 2016 and 10 September 2016

The Confucian Academy
Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad Association

Confucian Tai Shing Ho Kwok Pui Chun College

Overall 2nd Runner up (Secondary School)

Lam Tsun Lok (S.2A), Shao Junjie (S.2A), Ip Pak Kin(S.2B),
Chan Yun Him (S.3A), Chow Ho Yin (S.3C), Tsang Siu Hong (S.4A), Wong Shek Hong (S.4A), Leung Ka Wun Casey (S.5B),
Yeh Shun Hei (S.5B), Chow Ho Ngai (S.5D)

On 10 July and 10 September, 10 students represented QES to participate in 「2016 孔聖盃學界數學奧林匹克公開賽」. Students had outstanding performance in the competition and QES finallyt came third among all participating schools.