Alumni Mentorship Programme 2016-2017

About 30 alumni and more than 120 students attending the Alumni Mentorship Programme

Our alumni having in-depth sharing with our students in the small-group session

Date: 15 Oct 2016

Participants: S3-S6 students
By: Chen Ming Qian (S.5D)

On 15 October, the Alumni Mentorship Programme 2016 - 2017, which is designed for all Secondary Three to Six students, was kicked off at our school hall. The programme aimed at helping students with their future career planning and strengthening their self-understanding. Our alumni from different professions were invited to share their working experiences and feelings on the job with students, inspiring students to making informed career choices, understanding the industry prospect, remuneration of the job and so on. Through interactive discussions with the alumni, a stronger bonding had also been built between students and alumni. Most importantly, our students were provided with an invaluable opportunity to have their horizons broadened and to keep abreast of the latest development in society.