2016 Singapore- Hong Kong Exchange Programme

Our Principal, Mr. Yuen, seeing us off at the Hong Kong International Airport

The 15th Singapore - Hong Kong Exchange Programme 2016 members


Venue: Singapore

Date: 2016/07/16 - 30

Participated Students: 9 S.2 - S.3 Students

Student: Tse Man Wai Minnie

On 16th July, nine of us including Miss Chan embarked on the 2016 Singapore Hong Kong Exchange Programme. The focus of the tour was to explore new territories, cultures, and people of Singapore, as well as to investigate differences between the two places in terms of education, environmental conservation education and society.

Over the course of eleven days we and other students from different government schools visited many tourist spots and attended schools with our buddies, in order to have a better understanding of this country. For example, we have been to Gardens by the Bay, where it captured the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City with the perfect environment to live and work in. I was so impressed by the cloud forest, orchid gardens, the breathtaking waterfall and the amazing views that made our trip such a cool and relaxing experience. During classes at our buddies・ schools, we learned that the way of teaching and learning in Singapore was not the same as in Hong Kong in respect of academic focus, where Hong Kong is famous for its examination-oriented culture, which heavily relies on the public examinations, and Singapore provides their students with a broader range of experiences. Therefore, I think these are areas that Hong Kong can learn from Singapore・s education system. Yet, the teaching contents are mostly similar, therefore my Hong Kong friends and I are able to understand and have a mutual and effective interaction with students there.

Among all the visits and school tours which I found very impressive and useful, I personally think the best part of this tour was making new friends. Jia Jia was my buddy and she kindly offered her house for me to stay in. Apart from giving me a very cozy place to settle down during the tour, she and her family also brought me to many different places in Singapore to explore the diversified cultures, like Little India and the new National Stadium. I was really lucky that I had the chance to participate in their national day rehearsal. I enjoyed the stunning spectacle of military parades, multi-cultural song-and-dance performances and the breathtaking firework extravaganza. To me, it was a bonus to this trip as I was not expecting to have the opportunity to attend such a huge and delightful event with the locals. To be honest, I was very glad to have Jia Jia as my buddy because she was so nice and friendly. Her family treated me as part of them and it made me feel warm. In addition, I made friends with other students from different Hong Kong government schools and their buddies. We not only attended classes but also hanged out together on weekends. It strengthened our friendship as we learnt more about one another every day and became good friends. For example, we went bowling, ice skating and to the Universal Studio too and we enjoyed ourselves there. Even though we cannot see each other till November, we are still keeping in contact. Our friendship made me understand the saying of .Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart.・

This exchange program was indeed a very fruitful and unforgettable experience. Yet, it has not come to an end as we are all looking forward to our friends・ visit in November. I would like to thank our teachers, both from Hong Kong and Singapore, for organizing the event and putting so much time and effort into it. The programme would not have been so successful without their help. Learning new things and meeting new friends, I now look forward to our Singapore friends・ visit so that we can have fun together again, be a host to them and show them the brightful and colorful cultures of Hong Kong.