47th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)

Date: 2016/07/17
Venue: Zurich, Switerland

Participants: Tai Wai Ting (5D)

TAI Wai-ting from Class 5D, along with 4 other students from Hong Kong, participated in the 47th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO). He defeated competitors from other countries and regions and was awarded a gold medal as the highest honour.

This year's IPhO was held from July 10 to 17 in Zurich, Switzerland, with a total of 398 contestants from 87 countries and regions. The IPhO aims to promote education in physics, strengthen interaction and co-operation among experts in physics worldwide, and train and inspire teenagers who possess great potential in physics.

All student contestants to the IPhO have been selected from the outstanding performers in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad. They have attended enhancement programmes in physics at universities, commissioned by the HKAGE, before attending the IPhO. Their participation in the competition has been fully funded by the EDB.

Besides the gold medal won by TAI Wai-ting, the Hong Kong team reaped three silver medals and a bronze medal.