Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2016

Date: 2016/06/24

Participants: S4 students

By: Chan Tsz Ching (4D)

Five S4 students from our school attended the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad (HKPhO) 2016. We were awarded 1 Second Honour, 2 Third Honours and 2 Honourable Mentions. At the same time, our school won the Best School Awards.

With the patience and guidance of the teacher and the concerted effort of students, I was awarded the Third Honour prize. Competition is not only about prizes and honour. More importantly, it is an opportunity to gain experience and to fully explore the world of Physics. The team award is the recognition of our ability and also the best present to acknowledge the whole-hearted dedication and immense effort of our teachers.

Looking back, we still remember the one-year training time fondly. We had lessons during lunch time twice a week. We studied the topics of S5 and S6 syllabus much earlier than our classmates. In fact, understanding the concepts of Physics is never an easy job. Nevertheless, we never gave up and our enthusiasm for Physics never faded. We helped each other and discussed together to solve different challenging questions.

It is thought that boys outperform girls in Mathematics and Science aspects. However, I, a female student, strongly think that if you are interested in Physics, eager for knowledge acquisition and have strong perseverance, you can still find your direction in the world of Physics. In the coming training programme, I will keep on trying hard and explore more about the wonders of Physics!