QES X BPS Students Exchange Programme

Date: 2016/04/18-21
Venue: QES / BPS
Participants: S4 students
By: Yeung Yat Long (4D)

I would say my three days in Belilios Public School was an extraordinary experience that brought me pleasant memories and inspiring ideas. I am very thankful for being offered this valuable opportunity. Belilios Public School is one of the best schools in Hong Kong with experienced teachers and gifted students. Throughout those three days, I actively participated in the lessons. I enjoyed myself thoroughly with the clear and detailed teaching style. I am deeply influenced by the studentsˇ¦ earnest attitude towards their studies. Although I did not stay there for long, I really learnt a lot in Belilios Public School.
Adapting into a new environment always involves challenges. I can still recall the awkward situation the day my schoolmates and I got there, when there was a heavy rain, and we were so confused with the location and were lost in the campus. Our buddies had done a brilliant job in introducing the school to us and bringing us into the community. Their friendliness and kindness are the warmest part of all.
Last but not least, I would like to praise the snacks provided by their tuck shop, which were the best I have ever had. This small detail is surely not something that everyone would pay attention to but as someone who is always hungry and love food, the tuck shop is one of the best parts of the exchange that still keeps me thinking about it weeks after the exchange programme.