Overseas Visit Programme (Macau Cultural Visit)

Date: 2015/12/18-19
Venue: Macau
Student: Leung Yeuk Ying (5A)

During 18th to 19th December 2015, I have joint the overseas exchange programme to Macau.
In the trip, we visited a number of eminent tourist attractions, such as the Ruins of St. Paul and A-Ma Temple, all these historical monuments helped us get a better grasp of the history of Macau.
We have also visited the Grand Prix Museum, the museum pays tribute to individuals who have made extensive contributions to the success of the Grand Prix, and it also displays the collection of magnificent machines that were raced and won the Grand Prix.
Apart from tourist attractions, we also got the chance to visit the University of Macau and the Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao. This provided us a lot of useful information concerning the tertiary institutes and school life in Macau.
Although this was only a two-day trip, it broadened my horizon and I really found the experience precious.