S.1 Outdoor Learning Day

Venue: Lady MacLehose Holiday Village

Date: 2015/11/09

Student: 1D Ansah Miriam Adjaa

My classmates and I, along with the rest of the whole secondary 1 and teachers went on a school picnic to Lady MacLehose Holiday Village. We all enjoyed our time and spent a great day together.
The Holiday Village was unbelievably huge and there were so many facilities, such as Leisure Hall, Squash Court, Karaoke Room, Reading Room, etc. There was even a swimming pool, which happened to be a great surprise to me.
The first place where my friends and I went to was the Squash Court. Although we weren¡¦t good at playing squash, we sweated a lot and the stress from our daily lives was natually released.
Later, we spent some time playing air hockey, as air hockey is one of my favourite games. We had ¡§One to One Match¡¨. Even though I always ended up losing, I found hanging out with my friends in this place a great pleasure. It was amazing that the holiday village brought each of us so much fun.
My favorite part of the day was our lunch time. Students who ordered lunch could eat in the canteen and the others could eat in a lovely little snack corner. When I was eating in the snack corner, some girls from other classes shared food with us and we all chatted joyfully together. It was so sweet that the school picnic gave us an opportunity to share a wonderful time with teachers and classmates.
Through this school picnic, I not only got to enjoy myself in this beautiful holiday village, but could also make more friends and live a happier and more extraordinary school life!