Innovation Technology Festival 2015

Venue: Hong Kong Science Park (Tai Po)

Date: 2015/11/04

Student: 2A Wong Ki Chi

On 4th November, I went to the Hong Kong Science Park after school with Miss Leung and members of Design & Technology club, to visit the Innovative Technology Festival.
There were many workshops and exhibition booths, all of them were introducing new technology or ideas about science and technology. The activities were interesting, some new designs were very creative, for example, the 3D printing and scanning technology, the 3D camera, and the artificial intelligence home systems, etc. Besides, there were many robot workshops. I and my friends played a football match with some ¡§football robots¡¨. It was an enjoyable and interesting experience. I learnt much about science and modern technology in these exhibitions.
After visiting the exhibitions and playing in the workshops, we went to HKUST booth which gives us some Mathematical Olympiad challenge questions to solve. Although these questions were very challenging and difficult, I liked it very much since I love mathematics. Also, I learnt something called ¡§Non-Newtonian Fluid¡¨ in another booth. If you hit the object fast and hard, the larger drag will be created. However, if you hit the object slowly, you could easily break through it!
Although all the booths, workshops and exhibitions were interesting, we could not manage to visit all of them within 2 hours as it¡¦s time to go home. No doubt I would like to join more activities and visits afterward since I think technology and science is very interesting and funny!